Reports Monday said Disney had held talks to buy certain assets from 21st Century Fox, including its movie studio and networks like FX and National Geographic. Sean Aune, Editor-in-Chief of Techno Buffalo, joins Cheddar to explain what each company would get out of the deal. Aune says Disney is interested in Fox's TV production and wants to use some of its networks to leverage its new streaming platform, due out next year. Disney will not gain control over Fox network or its affiliates, nor would it touch sports. Would Fox be able to make those two entities work without the movie studio and TV networks? Aune believes if any company can do it, it's Fox. On top of that, Disney is very interested in gaining control of Fox's Marvel properties, the separation of which has made it difficult to complete some movie series. It would get back the rights to Star Wars, which would be huge for the company. So if this deal does go through, what would it mean for Netflix? Disney is ramping up to launch its own streaming platform in 2018 and having Fox networks such as FX and National Geographic under its umbrella would help boost its content pool.