By Samantha Errico

With all of the social media platforms to like, love, and comment on, influencers may have a tough time deciding where to focus in order to reach the most followers. But social media mogul Frankie Grande tells Cheddar that he knows where to spend his valuable time: Instagram.

"It's my biggest platform. I have the most followers there, so I am going to give my biggest platform the most love," said Grande on Monday.

In addition to fun photos and short clips, Grande is adding IGTV to his repertoire, a feature that lets Instagram users post long-form videos to their accounts.

"I feel like Instagram needed to have its own space now, so they can compete directly with YouTube in that way," Grande said.

Instagram recently announced that it is rolling out a test in select areas that hides "likes" on posts. It immediately drew concern from many users, including social media influencers who use likes to decide what kinds of content to produce.

"As a tool, likes are really important for me. I think it can become an obsession," Grande stated.

Even when he's offline, Grande's digital persona shines through, like in his latest role on Nickelodeon's musical episode of "Henry Danger" where his character fights through dance which premieres on July 27.

"It literally is something I would love to do in real life," says Grande, "Frankini invents a machine which makes everyone sing and dance like they are in a musical 24/7."