2020 promises the resolution of the Democratic primary, a presidential election, and, most likely, a Senate trial against the president, which means we can expect plenty of meme-able and TikTok’d political moments ahead.
But this year was no slouch in providing plenty of material to blow up our feeds. Here’s a look at some of the most memorable political moments of 2019, brought to you by the 2020 Democratic candidates on social media:
On the Republican side, President Donald Trump continued to dominate on Twitter with regular barrages of tweets that range from foreign policy to fanciful photoshops. The top prize goes to his “Get home ASAP A$AP” tweet which was the president’s most liked and most retweeted post in 2019.
An honorable mention goes to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who isn’t running for the White House in 2020 (as far as we know), but became an internet sensation in her own right this year. From her clap seen ‘round the world to the stern look she threw at cheering party members after voting to impeach the president, the Speaker kept us entertained online.