Nearly 1,600 bats are set to be released back into the wild after being rescued from a frosty death due to low temperatures in Texas.
Hundreds of the flying mammals went into hypothermic shock last week and lost their grip from their dwellings under a Houston bridge and fell to the pavement below. According to the Houston Humane Society, they were able to save the bats by providing them with fluids and keeping them warm in incubators.
Mary Warwick, the head of the Houston Humane Society, discovered the crisis during a holiday shopping trip. She told the Associated Press she found hundreds of the stricken bats on the ground and proceeded to scoop them up to transport them to her home. More people would then show up to save them.
More than 900 additional bats also were recovered from another bridge in Pearland, Texas. 
Warwick noted that some bats could not be saved and died either from the chilly temperatures or from the 15-30 foot fall.