Game of Thrones Star Maisie Williams on Growing Up as Arya Stark

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August 23, 2018
Updated 4mo ago

By Conor White

With the eighth and final season of HBO's mega-hit "Game of Thrones" slated to air sometime in 2019, many cast members are looking for their next projects.

But Maisie Williams, who plays deadly assassin Arya Stark, has already found hers: app creator.

The 21-year-old is a proud co-founder of Daisie, which allows creatives from around the world to connect and interact. The app, which calls itself a "playground for collaboration," launched earlier this month.

"The idea basically came from just the lack of opportunities for so many people getting into the creative industries," Williams said Thursday in an interview on Cheddar. "I was lucky enough to get this crazy opportunity when I was really young, but it's not like that for everyone."

Williams was cast in "Game of Thrones" in 2011, her first official acting role.

While she has no plans to abandon the business, Williams understands that her career is enabling, allowing her to pursue other interests ー and help others.

"Although it seems like a really different career choice in terms of the person that I am and the things that I stand for, I actually think this is a logical next step for me to take," she said. "This is something that I can actually make a real impact in."

Williams added her experience on the HBO series and in other projects has forced her to mature faster than others her age ー growth that may serve her well in her new role as an entrepreneur.

"Being an actor you learn so much, and you have to grow up really fast and really figure out the morals that you live by," she said.

The actress is, no doubt, at a crossroads, as the series that dominated most of her young life wraps. But Williams seems ready for the next phase.

"This last year has been really interesting with the show coming to an end," she confessed. "So it's really just a question of how do I want to live my life and the things that I care about."

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