As the cannabis industry keeps expanding, it's trying out new marketing strategies to drive business. Cannabis Culture's Jodie Emery joins us to discuss the new marijuana drive-thru taking Las Vegas by storm. Emery says the move shows the cannabis industry is following in the tech sector's footsteps, as it searches for innovative retail and delivery tactics. Then, we talk about the new craze taking over the beauty industry: Cannabis, CBD, and THC-infused wellness products. Emery says that cannabis isn't only great for medical and relaxation purposes, but that it also has anti-microbial and cell-generation properties. She gives us the scoop on how the products are being regulated, and why some are even popping up at Sephora. Finally, Emery tells us about Ellementa, a new start-up for women curious about the marijuana industry. Emery says the new group falls in line with more groups of people "trying to find their spot" in the legalized cannabis industry. She explains that while some groups are focused on the tech side of the sector, companies like Ellementa are taking a patient-focused approach.