Donna Morris, Executive Vice President of Employee and Customer Experience at Adobe, joins Cheddar to discuss how her company, and Silicon Valley in general, can help close the gender gap in tech. She says it all starts with the type of people a company hires. Adobe, for example, invests in STEM education for women in order to broaden its pipeline of candidates. But, with only 20% of students in that category being women, she says we need to do better as a country to encourage young girls to be involved in math and science. Plus, keeping women in the workplace is just as important as a hiring them. She talks about having robust family packages that include maternity and paternity leave, as well as paid personal time. Morris says the most important thing is creating an environment where employees feel comfortable bringing up matters, like sexual harassment, to their manager. And in turn, the company then needs to act on it and not brush those type of claims to the side.