For Cheddar's Generation Trader series, sponsored by ETRADE, we are going to highlight the most compelling business stories moving the market while utilizing ETRADE's innovative trading platform. Cheddar Anchors Hope King and Baker Machado explain the factors driving Walmart's growth in the retail space.

Walmart is quietly outperforming the retail sector and the broader market. Walmart acquired last year, and e-commerce sites Bonobos and Modcloth in 2017. The company is holding its own against the likes of Amazon.

Amazon and Walmart have both grown more than 40 percent year-to-date. On Wednesday, in a blog post, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon announced the company is changing its corporate name from "Wal-Mart Stores" to "Walmart." McMillon wrote, "changing our corporate name to Walmart is a way of better reflecting our company's path to win the future of retail."