A growing trend in the jewelry market is silicone-based products. The material was first widely adopted in the early 2000s with Livestrong bracelets. Now, there is a growing trend of making rings out of it. Enso Rings has seen so much success with their alternative engagement bands, that the company recently reached a deal on Shark Tank. Romney Williams, CEO of Enso Rings, joins Cheddar and talks about the company's experience in The Tank. He explains that Enso reached a deal with Robert Herjavec, receiving half a million dollars in funding from the Shark in exchange for 15% equity. The show increased sales and visibility for Enso, which is considered a leader in the silicone rings industry. Enso Rings are especially targeted at couples and consumers who enjoy being active and physical. The rings are flexible and are not in danger of breaking or getting caught. They come in a variety of colors, including gold and rose gold. Would you opt for a silicone ring over a gold engagement ring?