Imagine drinking your cannabis instead of smoking it. That concept may not be too far off field. Matt Gray, CEO of Herb, joins Cheddar to discuss Corona distributor Constellation Brands' decision to invest in Canada's largest marijuana company. The company is taking a 10% stake and hopes to brew cannabis-infused beverages once it's legal at a national level. Gray says this is a huge, monumental deal in the industry. He believes cannabis will be bigger than the alcohol industry in 10 years, and this is just the first step. He explains the difference between a high from liquids or edibles and one from smoking. He says a liquid high lasts much longer. As for what these cannabis-infused beverages will look like, Gray isn't sure but knows they will be in very high demand. With 67% of American's believing cannabis should be legal, Gray believes we are at the tipping point of the green rush.