Getting High on Your Own Supply at the First Cannabis Restaurant in the Country

October 9, 2019
Los Angeles is taking the munchies to the next level.
Lowell Farms, a new restaurant in West Hollywood that is the first in the nation to allow customers to consume cannabis while they dine, opened to a flurry of headlines ー and round-the-block crowds ー earlier this month.
As part of Cheddar's inaugural weekly Only In LA series, we went to check it out and spoke to head chef Andrea Drummer about her groundbreaking job.
Drummer, who was classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu, said she's a "chef first" and her goal is to create and run a menu that compliments the effects of THC.
"I want the culinary experience to be more pronounced than just the munchie experience," she said.
Lowell Farms also hired "flower hosts" ー essentially sommeliers for weed ー who walk the floor and help diners pair strains of cannabis with the optimal menu items. Customers can order cannabis off a separate menu and smoke as they eat, or pay a "tokeage fee" to get high on their own supply at the table. Nothing on the food menu is infused with cannabis, per regulations.
Lowell is the first in what is expected to be a slew of cannabis restaurants to open in California. So far, it is the only eatery in the state to have been granted an on-site consumption license.
Only In LA is Cheddar's weekly show giving audiences around the world a taste of life in Los Angeles. It focuses on the latest in the tech, wellness, lifestyle and, of course, entertainment industries that make the City of Angels famous.
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