Valentine's Day can be a rough holiday to muster through for single folks, and while many people champion just being alone for National Singles Day, for those who yearn for romance and companionship, Cheddar News spoke to Shay Levister, a certified love coach, who has a few insightful tips that could make complete next year's day for singles.
The first thing Levister said single people can do is to make sure they are actually ready to be committed to another person.
"I always tell people, 'nothing plus nothing equals nothing.' If there's nothing within you because you're hurt and you're trying to find somebody else to cover and mask that, that's just going to lead to more pain," she explained.
Levister also noted that people tend to have 'love blocks,' which keeps them from finding the partners they desire. A good way to gauge if you are blocking your own love blessings, according to the coach, is to see if it takes longer than three months to attract a person. If so, then you likely have some internal work to do.
"A love block is thought, behavior, or belief that keeps you from the love that you want. And it's important that you're willing to take a deep dive within [and] heal those before you start dating or you're going to start attracting the same person with a different face who is causing you pain," Levister said.
When it comes to finding your forever person, Levister said vetting interests rather than settling is another way to find a successful relationship.