President Donald Trump is not immune from accusations of sexual harassment.

That’s according to prominent women’s rights lawyer Gloria Allred who, in an interview on Cheddar, evoked the memory of Bill Clinton’s 1997 case versus Paula Jones.

“[Clinton] argued to the Supreme Court of the United States that he had legal immunity, and the Supreme Court said that ‘no man is above the law,’” she said.

Allred represents former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos, who was one of several women who came forward during the president’s 2016 campaign, after the release of a now-infamous Access Hollywood tape.

Trump denied the allegations, saying the accusations were politically motivated to influence the election. Zervos, who brought a defamation suit against the president in January, said she was threatened as a result of his statements. A hearing on whether the case should go to trial was held last week.

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