Here are some Cheddar News' headlines that are Good2Know.
Researchers at the University of Rochester report that they've made a major breakthrough in the technology of superconductors, which could lead to a slew of innovations in the energy sector, including better batteries and more-efficient power grids. The crux of the breakthrough is that the scientists have created a superconductor that can operate at room temperature, rather than in sub-zero conditions. In short, such a device would make it a lot easier to move electricity through wires with less resistance and energy loss. 
Elon Musk is reportedly acquiring thousands of acres of land in Texas with the goal of launching a company town for his employees. Entities connected to Musk have purchased at least 3,500 acres outside of Austin and are trying to incorporate under the name "Snailbrook." The name is apparently a reference to Musk's tunneling company Boring Co. A Wall Street Journal report noted that Musk is trying to provide affordable homes for employees for all three of his companies, SpaceX, Tesla, and Boring Co., which all have offices and plants in the area.