With concerns about misinformation spreading online, European Union officials want to more closely regulate artificial intelligence, and they're asking the world's biggest tech companies for help. In mid-May, the EU passed a law that would regulate how companies create and train their artificial intelligence tools, but those laws won't go into effect for years. In the meantime, officials are asking companies like Apple, Google, Meta, and Microsoft to immediately begin labeling all AI-generated content, and for services that already incorporate AI, like Google's Bard, to safeguard against "malicious actors" who could attempt to spread harmful or false information. 
Thousands of users on Monday reported not being able to access their emails through Microsoft Outlook on both the web and Outlook app. Other Microsoft 365 services, such as Teams, SharePoint, and One Drive, were also affected. By mid-afternoon on the East Coast, Microsoft confirmed on its customer service Twitter account that the issue should be resolved. The company did not explain what was behind the outage.