Here are the headlines from Cheddar News that are Good 2 Know. 
Hong Kong is giving away 500,000 free tickets in a bid to revive the tourism industry after the COVID-19 pandemic put a serious dent in the city's economy. The "Hello Hong Kong" initiative, which launched last week, will dole out the tickets to the city's three major airlines, Cathay Pacific, HK Express, and Hong Kong Airlines, and in three separate releases. The first release will be available to people living in Southeast Asia on March 1, then mainland China on April 1, and the rest of the world on May 1. The effort will cost Hong Kong $254.8 million in total. 
You've probably heard of white noise, but what about pink noise? Or green noise? TikTok creators have started sharing their favorite noises to help them fall asleep, and there is some science to back up the social media trend. Sleep experts say the low frequencies of what are called brown sounds can help ease tinnitus symptoms. So-called green noise, meanwhile, is a more natural background, and pink noise is the closest to white noise (a more neutral sound). Ultimately though, what sounds are best is pretty subjective, so check them out yourself.