A church in Bavaria, Germany held a service this past Friday entirely led by ChatGPT. The experimental Lutheran service was led by the AI-generated avatars, two male and two female, who could be seen on a screen addressing the congregation. The 40-minute sermon was generated by ChatGPT with the guidance of a theologian from the University of Vienna. The theologian asked the chatbots what a church service would look like, and the bots developed the sermon from there. The sermon covered topics such as leaving the past behind and focusing on the present, not being afraid of death, and maintaining faith in Jesus Christ.
Flu season is still a few months away in the U.S., but scientists are keeping an eye on Australia as an indication of what's to come here this flu season, and we could be in for a tough time. Some parts of the country are seeing a spike in flu cases, with the most cases reported have been among children. American scientists usually look to southern hemisphere countries to try to predict how bad the flu will get here.