Here some Cheddar News headlines that are Good2Know. 
KFC is doubling down on the Double Down.  The sandwich replaces buns with two filets of fried chicken and stacks cheese, two strips of bacon, and mayo or spicy sauce in between. The Double Down first came out on April's Fools day in 2010, but it was no joke, as over 10 million sandwiches were sold. Then, in 2014, the chain brought it back a second time. Now nearly a decade later, it's back, but only for a limited time (four weeks to be exact). So get one while you still can, because who knows when it'll come back.
Next time you have a toblerone you may notice a few things different about it. The packaging no longer claims to be "of Switzerland" after the company decided to shift some production from Switzerland to Slovakia starting in July, which also means scrapping the famous triangle peak logo depicting the iconic Swiss mountains.
Why even make the branding changes if it's still partially made in Switzerland?
Well, that's because the country passed a law, called the 'swissness act',  that requires products to meet specific criteria, like milk and dairy products must be made 100 percent in the country in order to use Swiss symbols or call themselves Swiss-made.