A study published in the peer-reviewed journal JAMA found that one in five adults over 65 skipped or delayed medication in 2022 because of costs. Back in 2016, only one in seven seniors had the same issue, marking a sharp increase in the past 6 years. The study cited both high inflation and rising prescription drug costs for the issue and found that even among those who didn't skip medication, 8 percent cut down on necessities like gas or groceries in order to afford it. 
TikTok creators in Montana are suing the state after it passed a law banning the Chinese-owned video sharing app. The creators are claiming that the law is unconstitutional and an infringement on their free speech rights. The five plaintiffs include podcaster and cosplayer 'Lady Dred Knot' and mountaineer Alice Held, who both have over 200 thousand followers. Iin addition to the creators named in the suit, some of TikTok's biggest names are based in the state, including author Hank Green, who has over 7 million followers.