A new study has identified four red flag colon cancer symptoms. This type of cancer has nearly doubled in recent years among younger people, and now, doctors are saying people shouldn't be shy when it comes to reporting four abnormal symptoms: chronic stomach aches, prolonged diarrhea, anemia and rectal bleeding. The research from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis looked at over 5,000 who were diagnosed with colon cancer and found that nearly half had one of those symptoms three months before diagnosis -- and that some had been suffering for up to 2 years. 
The Eta Aquariid meteor shower reached its peak intensity on Thursday night, according to NASA. The shower runs from April 15 to May 27 each year, and is the result of debris coming off Halley's Comet as it makes its annual pass across the night sky. The Northern Hemisphere had the best view of the shower, but cloud cover made it difficult for large swaths of the United States to catch a glimpse, though a good chunk of the Midwest and Texas got a peak.