A new study from Northwestern University published in the journal PNAS this week suggests that there could be a way to prevent age-related baldness at the cellular level. The study points out that as people age, their hair follicles get stiff, comparing it to the way joints can get stiff as we age. Well, by boosting a certain type of MRNA, the scientists were able to reverse the stiff stem cells and produce hair growth in mice. They haven't conducted human trials yet, but they hope to eventually produce a topical treatment for preventing baldness.
Amazon is following Netflix's lead and plans to offer an ad-supported tier of their streaming service Prime Video. The Wall Street Journal reports that the streamer has been discussing these plans for several weeks now, including possibly adding ads to existing Prime Video plans, offering users access to a higher-cost, no-ad plan, similar to what happened with Amazon's music streaming service. Amazon chose not to comment on the story, so we don't know how much the new version of the service would cost just yet.