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The image of the tyrannosaurus rex has for many been shaped by the Jurassic Park films, which showed it as a big scary dinosaur with sharp teeth sticking out of its massive mouth. However, according to a new study published in the journal Science, some paleontologists think that the t-rex looked dramatically different than that pop-culture version. An international team of researchers say the t-rex had thin scaly lips that covered its teeth, closer to a modern-day lizard.

It turns out plants actually have something to say. According to a new study in the journal Cell, plants make noises that sound like popping sounds. Researchers from Tel Aviv University made the discovery by placing tobacco and tomato plants in sound-proof acoustic boxes with ultrasonic microphones. The sounds are undetectable to the human ear, but when translated into a frequency we can hear, they sounded similar to bubble wrap or popping popcorn. They also found that the plants made more sounds when they were thirsty or under stress, but there was no evidence that the noise was done intentionally or as a form of communication.