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On Monday, the barcode or "universal product code" marked its 50th anniversary. Grocery stores and canned food manufacturers originally rejected the idea of a universal barcode system, but they eventually came around, and now billions of items are scanned every day across the globe. Yet all these years later it's still unclear who actually invented the barcode.
A security engineer has exposed a serious flaw in Nexx wi-fi-connected garage door openers, which allowed him to remotely hack into people's homes across the world and open their garages. Apparently, a single password stands between a potential hacker and all Nexx users' private data, including their names and email addresses. A cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency has released an official warning for three Nexx devices, including the garage door opener, a smart plug that controls outlets in your home, and a smart alarm system. Nexx has so far not commented publicly on the report.