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Both Walmart and CVS are cutting hours at their pharmacies in response to a staffing shortage. Walmart will now close its 4,600 pharmacy locations at 7 p.m., two hours earlier than before, while CVS said it is adjusting its hours to align with peak customer demand. Employee shortages remain widespread across industries, but have been especially bad at pharmacies for at least the past two years. A survey from the National Community Pharmacists Association found that more than three-quarters of community pharmacists last year were having a "tough time filling open positions," which is leading to longer wait times for customers. 
Colorado lawmakers are considering a bill that would create a $2 million pilot program to test wildfire monitoring stations that use artificial intelligence to detect blazes ahead of time. Just a year ago, the most destructive wildfire in the state's history burned nearly 1,000 houses. The program would use AI software to monitor footage from mountain top cameras and look for early signs of a wildfire, such as wisps of smoke.