Cheddar Contributor Tim Stenovec joined us on set to share the latest news out of Google’s annual I/O conference. The company’s announcements include: Google Assistant to rival Apple’s Siri, Google Home to compete with Amazon Echo, and two new messaging apps Allo and Duo. The overwhelming response is that Google’s delayed entrance to messaging will be unsuccessful and is instead a platform to demonstrate their evolving AI abilities. Yesterday's audience was surprised that Google solely debuted plans for a new virtual reality headset Daydream rather than showcasing a completed product. The update will create a lower entry level to high-quality VR with headsets ranging from $99. The product is also an improvement from Google’s current Cardboard headset. The remainder of the Mountain View event is centered around small groups of developers discussing how to create third party apps and services for the newly announced products. Tune in to Cheddar Live tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. ET. to find out what they discussed.