By Amanda Weston

Weeks before the red carpet rolls out, the Grammys just released its latest slogan and rallying cry: "Let's Hear It."

"This year we wanted to do something a little bit different," Evan Greene, CMO of the Grammys and the Recording Academy, told Cheddar Thursday.

According to Greene, the message is clear.

"The idea behind 'Let's Hear It' is that music is a community. Music binds us all together, whether you're a music creator or a music fan. The idea is that we are all connected in this shared human experience that only music can deliver."

The Recording Academy said the 2019 campaign "focuses on music at a DNA level," and uses the image of a music sound wave.

"I think that there's probably no organization that has music in their DNA more deeply than the Recording Academy," Greene said. "And as a result we wanted to kind of peel the layers back and we really wanted to empower this community. It's not just about the performances. It's not just about the artists. It's about that shared human communal experience that music delivers."

The 61st annual Grammys ceremony airs Sunday, Feb. 10 on CBS at 8 p.m. EST.