Greta Van Susteren anchored at three of the biggest cable news networks: CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. Now, Van Susteren is out with a new book titled "Everything You Need to Know About Social Media: Without Having to Call a Kid." Susteren says she was inspired to write this book because she realized there was so much she could still learn, even as an early adopter on these platforms. We ask Van Susteren about negativity in social media, and she says there are tools you can use, such as blocking, muting, and "not taking the bait." As another tool, Van Susteren launched a new mobile app this week called "Sorry." The app helps people craft apologies. Hope King and Brad Smith demo the app live on Cheddar's program. Over the summer, Van Susteren parted ways with MSNBC after six months. When asked about reports MSNBC dismissed Van Susteren because she wasn't anti-Trump enough, she says "you'll have to ask MSNBC management" why they parted ways. Van Susteren said, "I'd like to know too."