Gretchen Carlson and Lauren Leader-Chivee are teaming up to launch a leadership initiative as part of the All In Together organization. During Cheddar's special episode of Closing Bell in partnership with Cosmopolitan, the duo explain how they are providing real solutions to women combating sexual harassment through this project.

Leader-Chivee says this organization works with women across the political spectrum to teach them the tools of power, influence, and impact. "If women don't stand up and hold the elected leaders that we send to office accountable for representing our interest bad things happen," said Leader-Chivee. Carlson says it is important to inspire anyone to come forward and feel that their voice matters.

According to a recent report by Cosmopolitan and Survey Monkey, among people who have been harassed more than once at work 17 percent have quit their jobs as a result. The survey also found 42 percent of employed women have had a male colleague comment on their appearance in a way that made them feel accountable.