Popular LGBTQ social media app Grindr has been around since 2009. The well-known dating site recently added transgender inclusivity as an option for users looking to define themselves on the platform.

Peter Sloterdyk, Grindr's VP of Marketing, sat down with Alyssa Julya Smith in Los Angeles to talk about why they decided it was time to add the updates, and what it means for the LGBTQ community. He explains that the company received feedback from trans users about changes they could make to improve their experience on the app.

Sloterdyk explains that the app consulted with trans leaders like the National Center for Transgender Equality to make sure the addition was done right. He says the company wanted to make sure that transgender people felt included on the app, and did not feel awkward when signing on.

To launch the changes, Grindr did a video with transgender activist Jen Richards, asking users about common interactions on the app and capturing their reactions when they shared with them the new changes.