Celebrity chef Guy Fieri has a lot of delicious meals coming to him now that he's landed a three-year extension with the Food Network. Best known for his hit show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, Fieri will continue to develop and produce his own content, which is growing in popularity on the Discovery+ app.
Fieri was cooking up his own cheesy favorite on Cheddar this Thursday to celebrate National Grilled Cheese Month. His spin on grilled cheese sandwich featured a savory, five-cheese macaroni and Italian sausage between two slices of King’s Hawaiian bread. 
Earlier this year, the restaurateur also inked a deal with the bakery company King’s Hawaiian that will feature the chef in a digital content series and several advertisements.
"I partnered up with these guys last year, and we’ve been having a blast," he said. "We’ve taken some of the famous iconic sandwiches from around the world, and they’ve let me loose."
Also, If you've ever wondered if Fieri’s experiences on his hit show are real, according to him, they are. And, while cameras often capture the host chowing down and enjoying those meals from his various road trips, he said that it hadn't always been the case.
"Back in the day, there were some places we went to that maybe we didn’t check them as detailed as we needed to, but you’ll never see those on the show," he admitted.