By Chloe Aiello

Why toke while you cook, when you can cook with cannabis? That's the question that inspired Joline Rivera to found Kitchen Toke, a foodie magazine about cooking with cannabis.

"We saw [rapper] Action Bronson cooking ... getting high while he's cooking. And I thought to myself, 'you're getting high while you're cooking, why don't you just put the cannabis in the food?'" Rivera said.

From there she set out to create a magazine for "cannabis curious" food lovers.

"There's a whole market of people out there who are just a little bit curious about cannabis, where they might be a little scared. High Times, or Dope, or Cannabis Now ー those are great magazines, but they don't really speak to those people who really don't know about cannabis," Rivera said.

The magazine combines marijuana cooking basics, like how to infuse cannabis into oils, butter or other fat sources ー so you aren't just munching herb ー with recipes from some pretty impressive chefs. The magazine has featured well known marijuana chefs including Chris Sayegh, owner of The Herbal chef; James Beard Award nominee Jordan Wagman; Miguel Trinidad, Filipino gastropub Jeepney; and Andrea Drummer, co-founder of cannabis dining experience Elevation VIP.

"All of our recipes come from people who really know what they are doing in the food industry," Rivera said.

The magazine also fully embraces the wellness aspects of cannabis, in part, Rivera said, because one of her colleagues was galvanized by her father's battle with cancer. Rivera said cannabis is worth exploring for its anti-inflammatory properties at the very least.

"Inflammation is one of the leading cause of most diseases, so if you can just start there, that's your main platform for really getting into cannabis," she said.

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