Marc van Zadelhoff, General Manager of IBM Security, joins "The Long and The Short" to talk about how the company is trying to protect customers from "the year of the cyberattack." He says the main problem customers face is that their cybersecurity tools aren't working together to protect data. IBM provides its 13,000 customers an entire portfolio of capabilities that work together. Plus, he comments on Apple's security team, saying it's done a "good job." We also get some tips on how to keep your personal information personal! First, separate work and private life. Use different email addresses and passwords. Second, use a "passphrase" instead of a password. Maybe it's a saying that you can remember better than a string of random letters. Number three: lie! When asked to set up security questions don't give your mother's real maiden name! Instead, choose a friend's or co-workers. Don't hand cyberattackers easy-to-find answers. And finally, use biometrics. Whenever you can, use a fingerprint or face scan to unlock devices instead of words.