Hey Alexa, Why Are You So Popular?

October 31, 2017
Updated 8mo ago
Chuck Martin, CEO of Net Future Institute, joins Cheddar to discuss the growing trend in voice-activated devices. According to a new study by VoiceLabs, 25 million units will ship this year. That's 18 million more units than last year! So what caused the massive growth? Martin says its all because of changes in consumer behavior. People are getting used to having one device basically do everything for them. Younger adults are also getting used to having phones attached to their hip and using them to get through the day. But what about brand loyalty? The VoiceLabs study says that once a household buys a device, whether an Alexa or a Google Home, only 11% will then buy a competing device. Martin says it's because people are so used to saying "Hey, Alexa" or "Hey Google" that they don't want to change. Also, once you start connecting all your devices within the home to one hub it's hard to switch.