Hillary Clinton Looks Ahead to Role in Midterm Elections

April 30, 2018

By Max Godnick

One of the reporters who knows Hillary Clinton best was surprised how she has spent her time since her defeat in the 2016 presidential election.

Amy Chozick, a writer-at-large for The New York Times, covered Clinton's 2016 and 2008 campaigns, and shares details of her time on the trail with the Clinton family in "Chasing Hillary: Ten Years, Two Presidential Campaigns, and One Still Intact Glass Ceiling."

Chozick said she didn't expect Clinton to stay in the political limelight after her loss to Donald Trump, and was a little surprised that the former Secretary of State would be openly promoting Democrats running in this year's midterm elections. Axios's Mike Allen reported that Clinton, former President Bill Clinton, and their daughter Chelsea would be more active publicly as November nears.

"I don't think Hillary Clinton needs to go away," said Chozick said in an interview Monday with Cheddar. "I think she's earned the right to do whatever the hell she wants."

Before covering Clinton's 2016 campaign for The Times, Chozick was a reporter at The Wall Street Journal, where she was assigned to follow the candidate's 2008 White House bid. Chozick's book combines elements of memoir with political reporting, and relies on the network of Clinton sources that she developed over the two campaigns.

Some of the people closest to Clinton have criticized Chozick's reporting in "Chasing Hillary," including Clinton's daughter, Chelsea.

The former first daughter has said that neither Chozick nor her fact checker reached out to her. "We clearly have different definitions of non-fiction," Chelsea Clinton said on Twitter.

Chozick said she anticipated criticism.

"I knew there was going to be blowback," she said. "Even before it came out, they were attacking my reporting."

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