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Here are the headlines you Need2Know for Tuesday, July 19, 2022:


A heat wave of historic proportions is broiling parts of Europe. Temperatures rose well above 110 degrees in Spain and Portugal, where more than 1,100 people have died. U.K. officials issued the highest possible heat warning — Level 4 — where temperatures could reach 104 there. It’s not much cooler in the U.S., where the National Weather Service issued excessive heat advisories for large swaths of the country. In Texas, the only state with its own power grid and where temperatures are expected to hit triple digits, millions of residents could be at risk if that grid fails. At least 246 people died when the grid crashed during a winter storm in February 2021. CHEDDAR NEWS


Dr. Anthony Fauci says will retire by the end of President Joe Biden's current term in January 2025; the 81-year-old did not set an exact date. Fauci has served as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1985 and is mostly known as leader of the White House coronavirus task force under former President Donald Trump. Fauci told Politico that he doesn’t expect to remain in government until Covid is eradicated because he anticipates the virus will be around for years to come. CHEDDAR NEWS

Monkeypox must have been his tipping point.


META BEATS DIVERSITY GOALS: Facebook parent company Meta just announced it crushed its goals to diversify its workforce. And what do they have to thank for that? Work from home! The company says that offering remote work options has been a great tool for recruiting employees from a variety of backgrounds, particularly among Black, Hispanic and female workers. CHEDDAR NEWS
SNAPCHAT HEADS TO COMPUTERS: After more than a decade as a mobile-only service, Snapchat is rolling out a web version that is available for Snapchat+ subscribers in the U.S., U.K. and Canada beginning this week. Labeled Snapchat for Web, users can now send messages and make video calls to others from their computers. Likening Snapchat for Web to FaceTime, Cheddar News’ Michelle Castillo tested it out. CHEDDAR NEWS
Asking a coworker to meet via Snapchat will take some getting used to.


A man is being hailed a hero by law enforcement after he fatally shot the gunman who killed three people at a mall outside of Indianapolis Sunday. The gunman, identified as 20-year-old Jonathan Douglas Sapirman, reportedly carried two rifles, a pistol and more than 100 rounds of ammo when he fired off 24 rounds in two minutes at Greenwood Park Mall. He was then killed by 22-year-old Elisjsha Dicken, who was legally armed although the mall has a no-weapons policy. Police called Dicken a “Good Samaritan” who saved “countless lives,” but some gun control advocates decried this use of the “Good Samaritan” label. CNN


The gunman charged with killing 10 Black people and injuring three others in a Buffalo, New York, supermarket pleaded not guilty to 27 hate crime charges during a federal arraignment yesterday. If convicted, 19-year-old Payton Gendron could face the death penalty. He also has pleaded not guilty to multiple state-level charges including hate-motivated domestic terrorism, which alone carries a life sentence. The court will reconvene in December to give the prosecution time to gather facts and the defense time to review them. According to Gun Violence Archive, the shooting was one of 355 mass shootings across the U.S. in 2022 ... so far. CHEDDAR NEWS


The trial began for a jury deciding whether the former student who killed 17 people at a Parkland, Florida, high school in 2018 should be sentenced to death or life in prison without parole. Nikolas Cruz, 23, pleaded guilty in October to 17 counts of murder and attempted murder. The jury can side with the defense, which seeks life in prison, or the prosecution, which wants the death penalty. A death penalty vote must be unanimous, but the decision will ultimately be up to the judge. The trial is expected to last about four months. CNN


A trial is underway for Steve Bannon — the former White House strategist and campaign CEO to President Donald Trump — who faces two criminal charges after being held in contempt for his failure to comply with a House Jan. 6 committee subpoena requesting documents and testimony. He faces up to a year in jail on each count. Bannon has requested to delay his trial over concerns about publicity surrounding the Jan. 6 hearings, which are scheduled to resume Thursday in a primetime session. The trial marks the first time a member of Trump’s inner circle faces a jury as a result of the Jan. 6 investigations. THE HILL


After a three-plus-week hiatus, midterm primaries return today. The Maryland election is highlighted by the race for governor as Republican Larry Hogan has managed to reach his term limit in a state where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1. As Hogan mulls over a presidential run in 2024, the GOP nomination is seen as a proxy battle between him and former President Donald Trump, where the candidate backed by Hogan — Kelly Schulz — runs against a rival endorsed by Trump — Dan Cox. Democrats hoping to win back the governor’s seat will choose among former U.S. Labor Secretary Tom Perez, Oprah Winfrey-endorsed author Wes Moore and popular state Comptroller Peter Franchot. AP
Anytime Oprah can be involved, she should be.


Uber reached a settlement with the Department of Justice over accusations that the ride-sharing company charged wait-time fees to physically disabled passengers who needed more time to get into vehicles. Wait-time fees typically apply two minutes after an Uber arrives for pickup and is charged until the trip begins. Most of the nearly $2 million settlement will go directly to the roughly 1,000 disabled passengers who complained, and about 65,000 riders will receive credit double the total wait fees issued to them. AXIOS


Juan Soto crushed the Home Run Derby — literally. In a battle of young bats, the Washington Nationals star out-slugged Seattle Mariners rookie Julio Rodriguez to win this year’s derby title. At 23 years and 226 days, Soto is the second-youngest derby champion, just one day older than 1993 winner Juan Gonzalez. Soto, who won $1 million, recently shrugged off a 15-year, $440 million contract extension offer from his team. Next up on MLB’s agenda: Tonight’s mid-summer classic, the All-Star Game, which airs on Fox at 8 p.m. ESPN


Bennifer Forever, the Weeknd HBO Teaser & Ye to Skip Rolling Loud
Baker Machado and Azia Celestino were catching up on the biggest headlines in entertainment, including Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez tying the knot, The Weeknd releasing the teaser for his new HBO series “The Idol,” Ye — formerly known as Kanye West — announcing that he's dropping out as headliner for Rolling Loud Miami, and more. CHEDDAR NEWS