As coronavirus continues to sweep the nation, many are at home wondering how to protect and prepare their homes if they or a loved one test positive for the novel coronavirus. 
Dorothy Breininger, the professional organizer and expert from the reality show Hoarders, told Cheddar Friday that she and her husband lived through that exact scenario and recovered from the illness. 
Now she has come up with a plan to help others prep their living spaces and families in case someone they are hunkered down with is diagnosed with the disease. 
"One of the things I put together is a COVID-19 10-day organizing plan. So, if you do have someone who has the virus in your home, you want to start by having a medical station set up," she said. 
Finding space has also been a struggle in some homes as more people stay inside. She said if you have a limited amount of space, you'll want to go "makeshift" and make it work.
"You might try something like taking a bookshelf and clear off all the books and then put those books in a box, stack the boxes neatly in a closet, or behind a couch. Now, you've got space on a bookshelf to use temporarily,"  Breininger said.  
She also suggested using painters tape to mark off quarantine areas, especially in tighter quarters.
Breininger also had some suggestions about how to stay busy while stuck in quarantine, which included planting a garden, dressing up for dinner, recreating your favorite game show, or interviewing a family member. 
If you're trying to use this time at home to get organized the expert organizer had a tip for where to begin there as well. 
"The best place, I think, is in your closet because that's where you have the ability to set up your closet experience, your daily experience, and your mood," she said. "It is your image and especially if you're going back to school or work."