Black Friday and Cyber Monday may be behind us, but consumers are far from finished with their holiday shopping season. Retailers are still offering deals and there is another shopping holiday that you will definitely want to be aware of. George Bousis is the CEO of Raise, a marketplace for gift cards. He joins Cheddar to explain what he saw from his users during the two most popular shopping days. Bousis said that more than ever before, Raise users spent these major shopping days online. This information lines up with Adobe's findings as well. This year's Cyber Monday was the most popular in history. It was the biggest day for online sales in the U.S. Consumers purchased $6.95 billion worth of goods, and $1.59 billion of those dollars were spent through shopping on a smartphone, according to Adobe. Bousis also teaches Hope King and Baker Machado about "Green Monday." The shopping holiday falls on the second Monday in December, and is also celebrated with major sales from online retailers. It is usually the last day the companies can ship packages with enough time to arrive for the holidays.