Hot Trends in Home Design

January 26, 2018
Updated 6mo ago

When it comes to buying a home the millennial generation tends to have it's own unique style. Real Estate agents Becky Garrison and Kim Mungiguerra join Your Future Home to explain the ins and outs of what young adults want in a home.

First and foremost, Garrison says millennials want an open-space concept. The kitchen area must open to the living space and, if the home buyer is lucky enough, that living space will open to outdoor space. Garrison says millennials are ditching the chef's kitchen, and just opting for space with an island. As far as decor, millennials want faux-wood vinyl floors and quartz countertop.

Plus, young adults don't want formal living or dining rooms anymore. They are more casual when it comes to their spaces, and would rather turn any extra room into a TV or video game room. As far as the bathrooms go, millennials are ditching the bathtub for a super large shower, at least in the master bedroom.