"Wonder" is a new movie that tells the story of a young boy named Auggie who has severe facial deformities It chronicles his first year going to school with other students, and co-stars Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson as his parents. Izabela Vidovic stars as his sister Via in the movie. As Auggie goes through his own struggles, Vidovic says Via struggles with her own identity as well. The actress says that being a part of the movie inspired her to start raising awareness of conditions that cause facial deformities. Now, she is launching her own non-profit PassionforCompassion.com. She says she hopes the movie and her organization will be able to help other people facing the same issues as Auggie does. Vidovic isn't just an actress. She also sings, plays the guitar and the piano. Vidovic says that she recently wrote a screenplay that incorporates those skills, and hopes she get to use them even more in the future.