Imagine this: you’ve found your dream apartment and you want to close the deal. But instead of dealing with realtors, lawyers, and banks, you just enter a passcode, and you’re done.

“That’s just one example of how I think the blockchain will come to reinvent how business is done and consumer experiences,” Bryan Schreier, partner at venture capital firm Sequoia Capital, told Cheddar.

He says the technology could wipe out layers of inefficiencies and middlemen.

Schreier, who sits on the boards of Dropbox, Thumbtack, and Qualtrics, said he sees a dozen pitches from start-ups in the crypto space every week.

“It reminds us of the early days of the internet…[which] promised to reinvent companies across a number of different industries,” Schreier told Cheddar.

But he cautioned that the world he envisions is probably a decade out. “It’s still very early.”