Elf on the Shelf has made its way into the homes of small children for 15 years, becoming a staple holiday tradition for millions of American families. Now the company that brought Santa's loveable little scout to life is a global brand offering live-action events, entertainment content, products, and more. 
If you are familiar with The Elf on the Shelf, you likely know it’s something parents love to hate and hate to love. Each year, Santa's little helpers hang out in homes across the country, keeping an eye on children in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and sometimes causing adorable trouble during their stay. 
Sisters and co-CEOs of the Lumistella company, Chanda Bell and Christa Pitts told Cheddar how the beloved holiday tradition originally started in their home in Georgia.
"I remember talking to the elf and telling him what I wanted for Christmas and [begging him] not to tell Santa what I had done," Bell recalled.
The family turned their household tradition into a book which later began the Lumistella company.
Elf on the Shelf has been adopted by nearly 15 million people worldwide since 2005, and even in an unusual year like 2020, the Lumistella Company is continuing to bring joy to the holidays in new ways. This year the company debuted an all-new immersive drive-thru experience in Los Angeles that involves a tour of the North Pole, that includes singing, dancing, and the history behind Santa's little helpers. 
"It truly is a magical moment for families," says Bell. "We had such a good time, not one moment did I think about elections or COVID or any of the things that were happening in the world."
The Lumistella Company has also partnered with Netflix to bring Christmas-themed stories to the platform. 
"Kids still have a lot of questions about Santa Claus, how he travels the world in one night. Those questions are all answered in our content, and fortunately, with a partner like Netflix we're going to be able to tell our stories through a variety of mediums," said Pitts. 
The elves can already be seen in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade appearances and with the brand's latest ventures, it's safe to say they'll remain a staple of the season for years to come.