What would you do if you bought a slice of pizza, but the vendor took a bite out of it first?

That’s the image Goldman Sachs wants you to conjure up when you think of a fee-based loan. The investment bank is using humor like that to advertise its latest division, Marcus by Goldman, a personal loan platform with no fees.

Dustin Cohn, head of marketing for the unit, says Marcus by Goldman aims to take the stigma out of loan conversations and marry the security of a traditional bank experience with the modernization of fintech firms.

“We are trying to help people better manage their debt,” he said. “The product is differentiated.”

While millennials may want to solve their financial issues and build their bank accounts digitally, they don’t always like having those discussions. According to the American Bankers Association, 71 percent of the demo would rather go to the dentist than chat with a financial advisor. And nearly a quarter of the group says that not having a mobile app makes it less likely they’ll engage with banks.

Cohn says, however, that Goldman’s platform aims to make interactions more natural.

“We built this with the consumer; the experience, the site experience, we co-created with our consumers,” he said. “It’s intuitive, it’s seamless.”

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