How Markets React After Trump Signs Steel Tariff

March 8, 2018
Updated 6mo ago

Before the markets closed today, Trump signed steel and aluminum import tariff proclamations. Art Hogan is the Chief Market Strategist for B. Riley FBR and Wunderlich Securities. He joins to give his reaction to the new tariffs.

Hogan said markets have been reacting since President Trump announced the possibility of tariffs. For many investors, Hogan said the tariffs felt rushed to market, and that drew a lot of concern regarding potential trade and tariff wars.

When it comes to the new tariffs, Mexico and Canada are indefinitely exempt. These two countries represent a large portion of American trade. The tariff also includes a window of 15 days before it goes into effect. This gives other countries the opportunity to negotiate and manage the tariffs.

Hogan says the best scenario would be no tariffs, but this is is a better tariff than initially expected.