How Much Money is Takes to be "Rich"

January 3, 2018
Updated 6mo ago

Your Cheddar hosts Kristen Scholer and Tim Stenovec go through today's top stories. From Nasdaq hitting new highs to bitcoin surging, we cover the top news in business and tech. The Nasdaq started out the year by breaking 7,000 for the first time. It took just over eight months to make its latest thousand-point move.

Chelsea Fagan, Author of "The Financial Diet", joins Cheddar to discuss the do's and don'ts for shrinking your stress and increasing your bank account. She talks about living that "CEO lifestyle" and why it may not be as fun as it seems.

Plus, it apparently takes $2.4 million to be considered rich in America. Unfortunately, not many of us are there yet. Adam Auriemma, Editor-in-Chief at Money joins Your Cheddar to discuss how people can commit to building wealth in the new year...and maybe start their journey to becoming "rich."