The Women’s March of 2017 inspired many women to get involved politically and socially, and “Orange is The New Black” actress Alysia Reiner is no different.

“I was actually at the Women’s March and in this moment of feeling like both women and the environment are an endangered species, what can we do in a positive way that makes people feel good?” she said. “And that actually has positive impact.”

So she decided to start an eco-friendly, socially-conscious womenswear label made by and for women.

Also inspired by her Netflix series, Reiner is making fashion for a cause. Her Livari label has partnered with Road 22, which employs previously incarcerated women who make shirts for the brand. Some proceeds of the Livari Backbone T-shirts are going to the female artist who designed shirts for the brand. Another portion goes toward reducing carbon emission in India. Reiner says she wants to use the art of fashion to tell amazing stories and inspire people.

“That’s something that I’ve always believed in, is in the face of adversity, how do we keep on getting up?” she told Cheddar.

The label has a pop-up in NYC Tuesday at The Gregory Hotel from 5-7 pm.