How "One Day at a Time" Reflects Today's Political Climate

February 12, 2018

Netflix's "One Day at a Time" is back for a second season. Stars Justina Machado and Isabella Gomez join Cheddar to discuss how the show reflects today's political and cultural climate. Season two covers hot-button issues like gun control, citizenship, LGBTQ rights, anxiety, and depression.

The actresses say that while the show has taken on a slightly different tone since the 2016 presidential elections, it has not changed its core message or characters. Machado and Gomez reveal what's allowed them to grow so close as co-stars. They say their mother-daughter dynamic does end stop when the cameras stop rolling.

Machado says the show does not try to speak to any one demographic in particular. She describes the series as telling a "universal story." We also hit on what's allowed the show to thrive in the traditional multi-camera format popular in the pre-streaming TV era.

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