Instagram is filled with "dogfluencers," but not all those viral pets are helping to make a difference in their communities. Melissa Molomo and her dog, Clyde the Bully, join Cheddar to discuss how they're helping the Bully breed bust stereotypes.

The self-published author also tells us the do's and don'ts of building a social media presence around your pet. She says it's important to focus on high-quality content, and not to take every endorsement deal that comes your way. She also explains why a dog's personality is not determined by its breed, but how it's raised.

Finally, Molomo tells us all about how Clyde helped inspire her to start a new business. Bullies&Co is a line of luxury dog chains that she describes as "jewelry for pets." We also learn all about the writer's series of inspirational books, "Say What's Real."