How PayPal is Taking "Awkward" Out of Asking Friends for Money

December 7, 2017
Updated 6mo ago

In November, PayPal launched a new service that lets people collect and keep track of money for a variety of causes. The feature is called "Money Pools." Pablo Rodriguez, Senior Director of Global Consumer Initiatives at PayPal, explains how the feature differentiates itself in the mobile payment space.

Rodriguez says PayPal's mission is to help everyone move and manage money, especially during the busy holiday season. Money Pools alleviates the awkwardness of asking people for money, he explains, because people are becoming so much more comfortable with using mobile to make payments.

More people shopped online during the holiday shopping season. According to a recent survey by PayPal, 47 percent of people prefer to shop on mobile. Rodriguez says mobile is not only on the rise, it's also becoming the first place consumers turn to connect with merchants.