The Company Bringing Advertising to the Cord-Cutting Generation

November 13, 2017

It's a new age for advertising. Premion president Jim Wilson joined us at the New York Stock Exchange to discuss how the unit of station-owner TEGNA is capitalizing on the shift to OTT.

Premion says it offers advertisers better control of their ads than traditional tech. "We can literally hand over to our advertisers and let them know exactly where their ads ran," says Wilson, adding that his company is incredibly transparent. The focus for Premion, he says, is brand safety, a big issue nowadays for advertisers.

Wilson also views social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter as contributing to the fragmentation of the OTT market. Premion incorporates these new competitors into its strategy, as the OTT advertising company continues to scale.

Finally, one of the areas Wilson says Premion is building out is its data management platforms. This is a product Wilson views as comparable to the ones created by Facebook, Google, and other large ad platforms. The company continues to focus on targeting as it builds out its audiences.