Would it surprise you to know that some of the most popular go-to cleaning supplies all derived from a soap that was launched in the late 1800s?
Proctor and Gamble first created its iconic Ivory soap in 1879 and has since created a number of products that people rely on everyday. That first bar of soap was created for use on human skin. A short time after its success, Proctor and Gamble began creating new formulas from the Ivory derivative. 
Some of the formulas, which ended up being performance failures due to either a lack of effective cleaning or residue buildup, included Dreft and Dash soaps. Tide ultimately replaced both of those options as the superior detergent in 1946.
While the original Tide formula was designed for clothes and dishes, it actually was more suitable for handwashing. 
Then, in 1955 when the dishwasher became a prominent household item, Proctor and Gamble went back to their Ivory soap formula to create a new one called Cascade. It has since gone through several changes for optimal dishwashing.